The reason this displays like this is because the Text Boxes do not have the same amount of letters and bullet points, this off sets it so there is the same amount of Padding/White Space between each box.

To correct this you can insert Spaces in the HTML.

Navigate to:
  1. School Website > Website 
  2. Select the appropriate Site 
  3. Find the Page the Text Items are on 
  4. Click Edit Page Content
  5. Click Edit on the Text Item (above the one you want to change) User-added image
  6. Click the HTML Text Box
  7. Add in Spaces  <br> to get them to line up ( play around with adding 3,4 5 etc till you find what works)
  8. Click Update
  9. Click Save
View the Page, if it does not look how you want,t go back to Step 8 and add or remove more page breaks <br>
Once lined up it should look similar to this:
User-added image