Courses listed twice on Registration page in NetClassroom

When a student logs into NetClassroom to register for classes, they see course options listed twice. For example, if they have 8 classes to register for, they will see options 1-8 and then 9-16 will be the same or similar course options. 
This can occur when the student falls into more than one Group in the Registration Setup for that academic year. 

1. Go to Configuration > NetClassroom
2. Highlight Registration Setup on the left hand list
3. Open the Academic Year in question 
4. Under Group Name, there will be groups listed. 
5. Open each group and check the filters and queries used. If the student falls into more than one group based on the filters, they will see all the course options for both groups on their Registration page.

For example: 

Group 1 has the filter Student Current Grade Level selected as 9th grade. 

Group 2 has the filter Student Current Grade Level set as All. 

This will cause all students to see Group 2's course options, which means 9th graders would see Group 1 and Group 2 courses. 

6. Set the filters to be more specific for each group so that students do not fall into both groups. 
7. Save and Close 


Steps to Duplicate

1. Setup Registration in NetClassroom
2. Log in as student 
3. Select Registration 
4. When entering course requests, see the extra options listed, seemingly duplicates. 


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