You may encounter this error if your TeamRaiser event is set up in Luminate Online but the cross reference is not yet set up. To resolve this:
  1. Navigate to Data Management > Luminate Management
  2. Enter MissingTrCampaignXrefException in the search field and press enter on the keyboard
  3. Click View Details next to one of the errors
  4. Take note of the ID value (the "xxxx" in the summary of the error)
  5. Navigate to Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  6. Next to any TeamRaiser event listed (it does not matter which one), click Edit under the Action column
  7. In the address bar, displaying the URL, find the parameter &fr_id=xxxx
  8. This is the TeamRaiser ID value. You will need to replace it with the ID value noted in step 3. above
    1. Highlight the existing fr_id number in the URL
    2. Type the correct ID value
    3. Press enter on the keyboard
  9. On the left hand navigation pane, select Configure Cross References step
  10. Click the text under the appropriate header 'Click here to configure this cross reference.'
  11. Select the appropriate values to cross reference the event to the CRM
  12. Click Save
After this is complete, you will need to rebuild the QPM errors.