You may encounter if your TeamRaiser event is set up in Luminate Online but the cross reference for Campaign is not yet set up. To resolve this:
  1. Select Data Management > Luminate Management
  2. Search for "MissingTrCampaignXrefException" and Click View Details next to one of the errors.
  3. Take note of the ID value (the "xxxx" in the Summary of the error.
  4. Select Fundraising > TeamRaiser
  5. Find the event referenced in the summary of the error and click Edit
  6. Click Configure Cross References and Click "Click here to configure this cross reference."
  7. Under 6. Luminate CRM Campaign for TeamRaiser Campaign, select the appropriate TeamRaiser Campaign to your offline database campaign
  8. Select Data Management > Luminate Management
  9. Search for "MissingTrCampaignXrefException"
  10. Mark the checkbox for all the errors associated with the event you corrected
  11. Click Rebuild