In order to force records in an ADU to be treated as Individual records, you need to do the following:
1.  Add the Account_Type field to the UL_Accounts section of the PB4 Control file.  For example:
a.  If you want every record in the ADU to be treated as an Individual:
,account_type                    CONSTANT 'IN'
b.  If you only want only certain records treated as an Individual:
,account_type                    POSITION(6982:6983) CHAR
2.  If you chose 1b, then you must add ‘IN’, in a 2 character column of your choosing in the ADU file (the example above used POSITION(6982:6983)).
3.  As explained in the Help page below, update the Account Category Matching Rule Attribute to "Consider Account Category" in the Account Data Upload Vendor File Code screen for that Vendor code.