This is usually caused by a Connect EE Sync not running (Error) then running again successfully. The grades will not update because the sync is not seeing any changes.

If we Change a Grade in the Gradebook for Each Student and then change it back then refresh Connect EE this should display the correct Grade in FAWEB.​

To fix this first navigate to:
The Gradebook that is not syncing
Change a Grade for each Student and change it back. If you click Max # (providing all users have the same grade for that assignment) then change it to 0 and then click Max again and change it back to what it was. Now you can force refresh Connect EE by following these steps, navigate to:
  1. Core > Settings > Blackbaud Connections > Connect Education Edge
  2. Click Edit Set up Options
  3. Select the Authorize Tab
  4. Next to Force Refresh Select the: Yes option
  5. Click Save

Let the systems Sync for a few moments, then navigate to FAWEB and the Grades should now be displayed correctly. If they are not, please contact K12 Support.