Online sales communications are missing from constituent record

When viewing the Summary tab of a constituent record you may notice that they do not have an online confirmation for Webforms eTickets even though they have a sales order with the delivery method of eTicket.
When a user purchases tickets anonymously (does not fill out registration information or is not signed in), then a user is not created/linked to the order and eTickets. The emails will still be sent to the user,  but no data will be shown under the recent communications or Communication tab on the constituents page.

You may see that this order is linked to the constituent's sales order tab. Altru will link this order to the constituent based upon matching criteria. To ensure that communications are documented on constituent records, we should encourage constituents to utilize the register and sign in feature of web forms.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. After a Patron has purchased a ticket online with the delivery method of eTicket go to their constituent record and select the Summary tab.
  2. Notice that under recent and upcoming communications there is no online confirmation webforms eTickets listed.
  3. Notice that on the Sales Orders tab there is an order from online sales where a ticket was purchased.


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