Tickets sold and tickets available fields are incorrect on the event list tab

When on the Event list tab of a pre-registered program record, you may find that the tickets sold and tickets available are incorrect when compared to the number of actual registrants and capacity of the program.
This is the intended outcome, of the following steps are taken: 
  1. Sell a registration ticket.
  2. Refund the ticket.
  3. Select Yes to add the ticket back to inventory.
  4. Used Mark as not canceled to uncancel the registrant.

This can also happen when there is an unresolved online sales order for the event. To check:
  1. ​Go to Sales > Unresolved Online Sales Orders
  2. Check to see if there are any orders with tickets for that event
  3. Complete the order

Steps to Duplicate

  1. From Tickets, Select Program search
  2. Search for and select your pre-registered program
  3. On the Event list tab, make not of the Tickets sold and Tickets available columns
  4. Click the name of the event, compare the number of registrants to the number of tickets sold, then subtract the number of registrant from the capacity to see the actual number of tickets available


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