On occasion, you may receive a report from a website visitor being unable to load the Online Express form. This will be due most often to an issue on their computer/device, such as a browser setting, antivirus, internet connection, and other factors that are beyond the control of your website and Online Express.

One thing you can do on any page with an Online Express form is to be sure that your organization's contact information is easy to find, such as at the bottom. Consider also adding language on the webpage like "We'll be glad to help if you have trouble completing this form. Please contact us at [add phone and email information] and we'll follow up" to let your visitors that you're available to help.

In case that you receive multiple reports regarding one page or a specific form, then you may need to look into that. Here are some things to review being sure to note what works, what does not work, and/or any messages that you see:
After completing these visits:
  • If the forms show sometimes and other times do not, check with your webmaster / web site provider regarding the page coding.
  • If forms do not show consistently, ask your webmaster / web site provider to re-add the form javascript.
  • If error messages consistently occur, search the Knowledgebase for any articles that may assist with them.

If the forms still do not appear consistently on a webpage after reviewing these items, click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please ensure that you have the a page link handy and that you are able to log into Online Express to edit the form.