How do I query on donors with a certain Affiliation?

Your database may utilize a user defined field called Affiliation to track how a constituent is affiliated with your organization. At times, you may need to query on those accounts with a specific affiliation selected if you need to find a certain group for a mailing/report/etc.
You can find all constituents with a specific affiliation chosen in their accounts by following these steps:

1. Click Queries
2. Select a category to store your query in (Ex: Base)
3. Name your query
4. Set the Query Category to Base and the Query to All Constituents
5. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts
6. Set the Criteria Matching to Match each criteria (Note: if you wanted to find someone with X affiliation OR Y affiliation, you would set the Criteria Matching to Match at least one criteria)
7. Under Browse Fields select UDF: Constituent from the drop down box
8. Click Affiliation
9. Check the box next to the Affiliation you want
10. Click Save and Preview



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