The Medical Tab of a child's profile is where a parent can enter information about that child's medical needs, which appears as here:

Parent view of Medical for their student

To add or remove parent access to the medical records tab in their child's profile, a Platform Manager can:
  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Select Security > Roles
  3. Click the 'Parent' role (in the 'Constituents' section)
  4. Click the 'Tasks' link on the left
  5. Click 'Edit' at the top right
  6. Locate and enable or disable the 'Mobile' and 'App' tasks for Student Medical Profile Security as below
  7. Click Save
Platform Manager view of Parent role tasks

If this task/access is disabled, parents can still be issued a Medical School Form to fill out Medical information, which then maps the Student and can be seen in the Nurse's Office, as well as the originating School Form's 'submitted' repository, as here:

School Forms
All Medical Information, including School Forms, will not be visible when impersonating a user with access to it. You must be logged in as the user authentically.