In one case, the Batch Owner parameter was left blank when creating the CAB and there were no other Released Batches.  When checking the Batch in the backend, the User_Name field was found to be null.  

Since there is no Owner for the CAB Batch, an error will occur if the user is trying to find the batch in the Post Gift Batch screen by setting the Batch Owner parameter to their Username, or any username, and then clicking on the Batch Number parameter and selecting F9.  The error displays because there are no matches.

If there are other Released Batches, then the CAB batch will just not appear in the list.

To prevent this error/situation from occurring:

1.  Set the Batch Owner parameter to a specific Username when creating the CAB.  OR
2.  Leave the values of "ALL" in both Batch Owner and Batch Number parameters to get the full list.