Why are duplicate relationships created in Raiser's Edge records after Connect RE sync

Users report duplicate relationship records are created after processing updates from the Connect RE integration between Raiser's Edge and their Core database.
Duplicate relationships can occur when there are variances between the Core relationships and the existing Raiser's Edge relationship records. Consider the following common scenarios or reference the Connect RE help files.

1. Check the gender values in Raiser's Edge and Core. These values should match in each database.
2. Navigate to Connect RE, Settings and confirm what is configured in the 'How do you want to translate the relationship types from the "on" products section".
  • Connect RE depends on the gender field to apply the correct relationship type to records.
  • If the Gender field is not selected in the Core profile, the sync will default to the standard/non-gender settings and create a new relationship on the record. 
Relationship/reciprocal type defined in Raiser's Edge = Grandmother/Grandson
Relationship/reciprocal defined in Core = Grandparent/Grandchild
Results=A new relationship record is created in Raiser's Edge
  • Constituent relationships types in Raiser's Edge are not equal to the relationship types in Core. Core records have a short list of relationship types that are available and are not editable. Raiser's Edge relationships can be defined by the users in Config.
If the relationship types in Raisers Edge are different than the gender and relationship type settings defined in Connect RE a duplicate relationship will be added to the Raiser's Edge record.


 Raiser's Edge
 Core, Connect RE

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