Why are the Givalanche and Transaction Details missing from the Confirmation Email from a Online Express donation?

When receiving the confirmation email from an Online Express gift that has Givalanche enabled, the donor does not see the transaction detail or the Givalanche informaiton. 
The Givalanche details are hard-coded into the Transaction Details merge field and are activated when the "include the social sharing Givalanche"

In the setup for the Donation page in Tab 5 - Thank yous, verify that the Transaction Details merge field is included in the email.
  1. Go to Online Express
  2. Click Donations
  3. Find the form that is related to the issue
  4. Click Edit
  5. Click Tab 5 "Thank yous" 
  6. Click the Insert Tab
  7. Click Merge Fields
  8. Choose Transaction Details from the list.
  9. Drag and Drop Transactions Details merge field into the letter
  10. Save
  11. Transaction Details and Givalanche information will now be present in the confirmation Emails. 


 Blackbaud Online Express

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