Soft bounce Previously marked as hard bounce when viewing a NetCommunity message report

When viewing an email message report in NetCommunity, a recipient address is reporting a soft bounce with the return message "Previously marked as hard bounce."
This may happen in the case that the email was previously blacklisted or marked invalid.  These email addresses may be invalid or blacklisted. This may also occur if you send to an imported list and the Display Name and Email Address fields are swapped.

For an Imported List
  1. Navigate to Email>Lists
  2. Search for and click the pencil icon next to the list associated with the email message
  3. Click View List

For all other scenarios
  • ​Check the Invalid Accounts List. If the email address is on this list, and you've confirmed with the recipient their email address is truly valid, it can be removed.
  • If the email address does not show on the invalid accounts list, this typically means they may have been added to the Blacklist. To check their email on the Blacklist and request its removal.

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