How do I rearrange User Defined Fields within a category?

Since a category can hold many different user defined fields, you may need to rearrange that list at some point to put them in a certain order.  This can improve your workflow when it comes to data entry.  Within each user defined field category, you can organize the fields in whatever order you would like by following the steps below.
1. Click Management
2. Click User Defined Fields
3. Click on the name of the Category you want to go into
  • Note: You must click on the name of the category. Clicking the + to expand the category will not allow you to arrange the fields, since that does not actually take you into the category itself
4. Hover over the field that you want to move until you see the multi-arrow icon
5. Click and drag the field to the place you want to move to, then release
6. Click Save and View all Categories

The new order of fields within that category is now saved, and you are taken back to the general screen that shows all categories.  You can click the + to expand the category you were just in to view the new order.



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