How do I report on everyone's last received date and amount?

At some point, we may want to create a comprehensive list of all constituent accounts in your database with the date and amount of their last donation. This is a simple process of creating a report using summary fields.
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Manage Reports
  3. Select a Category to store this report in (Ex: System)
  4. Click New Report under Tasks
  5. Name your report Last Received Information Report
  6. Select Accounts in the first drop down beneath Group By and Collapse Groups in the second drop down
  7. Under Report Columns, select Commonly Used Fields and click Account name along with any contact information you want to include
  8. Under Report Columns, select Summary Fields and click Last Received Date and Last Received Amount
  9. Click Save and Run
  10. Select Base from the Category drop down and All Constituents from the Query drop down
  11. Select your preferred Report Format
  12. Click Submit

This report that will show the last received date and amount for all constituents. For those accounts that have never donated, the last received date and last received amount columns will be blank.



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