Error: Opportunity not available - When attempting to Sponsor a child that is already in the Shopping cart

When attempting to Sponsor a child that is already in the Payment 2.0 Shopping cart, the following error is presented on the page:

Error: Opportunity not available

In some situations, the Constituent may add the Child to the Sponsorship cart and close the browser or navigate away from the page, then later go back to attempt to submit a Sponsorship transaction starting from the first step (Sponsorship Search Form). When they access the Search form a second time, they attempt to sponsor the same child and when navigating to the third step (Payment 2.0 part) to add the Child to the Shopping cart for payment of the Sponsorship, the error above is received.

This message can be changed by:

  1. Edit the Sponsorship form part
  2. Select the language tab 
  3. Select Category sponsor
  4. Edit the text for "Opportunity not available message" 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sponsorship Search part
  2. Click the link for "Click here to sponsor" (Note the child you selected)
  3. Click Next (This adds the child to your Payment 2.0 Shopping Cart)
  4. Close out of the browser window or go to another page/site
  5. Go to the Sponsorship Search part
  6. Click the link for the same Child selected in the step above
  7. Note: The page shows the following text: "Opportunity not available"


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