This can be done by adding an image to an item in a Links category. Follow these steps to set this up:
  1. From the menu in the top left select either Core or School Website
  2. From the Content drop down, select Additional Content Types
  3. Open the Links tab
  4. Create a new category using the + Add Category button and click Save & Add Link when set up, or click the button next to an already existing category
  5. Enter a title in the Title field, then select a link type and enter a link destination
  6. Click the + Add Photo button next to Photo and select the image you want to be the image link from your computer in the file explorer that appears
  7. A hover photo can also be added by clicking the + Add Photo button next to Hover Photo, which will change the link image to this selected image when a user hovers their mouse pointer over it
  8. Click the Save button