Gift Aid Mass Update updates gifts which were made more than 4 years ago

Mass Update for Gift Aid fails to eliminate any gifts older than 4 years, allowing them to be included in a Gift Aid Claim.  They are updated with a gift aid claim date and amount.
Mass update will not account for gifts over 4 years old automatically. You will need to build the query to only include the gifts you wish to be updated before you run it through the Mass Update.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into a UK eTapestry database by going to and using credentials found in internal notes
  2. Go to an individual’s account or add a new account
  3. Go to Journal tab
  4. Select "Add New Gift Aid Declaration"
  5. Enter the in effect from date as 06/04/2000
  6. Save and Go to Journal
  7. Select "Add New Gift/Pledge"
  8. Enter a new cash gift with a Gift Date of 01/01/2011 (more than 4 years ago) with relevant information and ensure the gift is mark as eligible for Gift Aid and not marked as Final
  9. Save and Go to Journal
  10. Go to Query
  11. Select Add New Query under a Category of your choice
  12. Name your Query eg. Gift Aid Submission
  13. Change the Starting Criteria to Base - All Journal Entries
  14. Change the Date Return Type to Journal Entries
  15. Add following criteria:
    1. Journal Entry Type is one of Recurring Gift, Gift, Payment or Split Transaction
    2. Transaction Gift Type is one of Cash, Credit Card, Cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer
    3. Transaction Gift Aid Ready equals Yes
    4. Name Format equals Individual
  16. Save and Preview Query
  17. Verify the gift you added is showing
  18. Go to Management
  19. Go to Mass Update
  20. Select Gift Aid
  21. Select the Query you created
  22. Enter a claim date
  23. Select Next
  24. Select Next or Preview to ensure your gift will be updated
  25. Select Next to perform the Mass Update and update the prompt you receive
  26. Once mass update has completed, go to the gift on the accounts journal and observe that it has been updated as claimed for Gift Aid allowing it to be exported and then sent to HMRC to be claimed on


 Chrome;Firefox;Internet Explorer

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