If you already have a report pop-up open, it will load the new report in that window instead of creating a new one. If that window is hidden behind another window on your computer, it may appear that nothing is happening.

If you click Run next to any report and nothing happens, and no error message is generated, the report has opened in another browser window that is already opened. This may be minimized or hidden behind another open window.
  • Check your other open browser windows, and you will likely find on with the title [School name] - View Report. This is the window where your report is opening.
  • To avoid this occurring, make sure to close out of any report windows when you are done generating or viewing that report.
  • If you do not see this window, close all your currently open browser windows, re-log into the app, and when you click run on a report, your report will show up in a pop-up window.