OLX Transaction Dashboard totals are greater than the actual total received from transaction report

Number of donations and donation totals shown on Performance Dashboard in OLX are greater than the total of the actual transactions listed in both BBMS and Supportal.
This has since been resolved.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raisers Edge
  2. Click Online Express in menu bar
  3. Choose Donations tab
  4. Click View Performance details
  5. Choose General Donation Form
  6. View Performance dashboard for 1-1-16, see totals of 74 donations and $7820.00 in revenue


  1. Look at BBMS report
  2. Shows 7 donations and $545 in revenue


  1. Look in Supportal for same date: 1-1-2016
  2. See 7 Donations with $545 in revenue


 Blackbaud Online Express

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