Selecting the option to Add project budgets not in source budget when copy/forecasting creates a blank budget

When choosing to Copy/Forecast a budget, the check box for 'Add project budgets not in source budget' causes blank budgets when marked.
We are currently evaluating budget processes with NXT.  This issue will be resolved in NXT when this area of functionality is released.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In General Ledger, choose Records>Budgets.
  2. Choose Tools>Budget Tools>Copy/Forecast Budget.
  3. Select the necessary filters and click Next.
  4. On Step 3, choose the necessary budget scenarios and fiscal years.
  5. Choose necessary information for 'What do you want to copy?' and select 'Copy budget' for remaining periods.
  6. Mark the box to 'Add project budgets not in source budget.' 
  7. Choose next. 
  8. Confirm information is correct and choose Copy/Forecast Now.
  9. Note the new budget is blank.

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