Bad merging practices, duplicate records, or network connectivity can be culprits of this error. Recurring gifts (also known as sustaining gifts in Luminate) download into Raiser's Edge with unique attribute ID's that link subsequent payments to a donor's record. The original recurring gift in Raiser's Edge should have an attribute called "Luminate Online Recurring Gift ID" This ID will be present on all subsequent payments made towards this recurring gift. This integration relies on proper linking and duplicate management for successful processing. Before troubleshooting the error, users should ensure they are consistently managing and removing duplicate records in Raiser's Edge and they are consistently processing updates out of RELO and committing gift batches.

Users can attempt the following to resolve. Note that the service bus takes time to update and send new data, please allow amble time between troubleshooting.
1. Navigate to the donor record causing the error. Verify the original recurring gift (and attributes) is present. If this is missing, manually add with the correct IDs from the Luminate record.
2. Verify the Raiser's Edge record is correctly linked to the Luminate record
3. Verify the donor has no other updates or transactions to be processed
4. Check every uncommitted gift batch in Raiser's Edge and process any other transactions from that donor
5. Take note of the transaction and reject from the plugin. Contact Luminate Support with the transaction details to re-send the transaction back to RELO
6. Reject the transaction from RELO. Manually add the gift record to the correct donor's record. Ensure the "Luminate Online Recurring Gift ID" AND "Luminate Online Gift ID" is added with the correct values

NOTE: Transferring gifts to Organization records in the Raiser's Edge is not supported. Remediation of gift records impacted by this error may result in billable services to resolve.