To remove the Read More Buttons from a News Content Type you will go to:
  1. onMessage
  2. Website
  3. Main Site*
  4. Style 
  5. Search for the name of the style you want to change which you can find by going to: 
    1. onMessage
    2. Website
    3. Main Site
    4. Click the wrench and select Edit Style
    5. Click on the News Category to discover the current style which will appear on the left side
  6. Make a copy of the Style that you want to edit but clicking the Copy Button
  7. Rename the copied style or leave the default name and click Edit 
  8. Select Content Types from the drop down
  9. Select the News icon from the content types bar
  10. Un-check Read More
  11. Click Save 
  12. Navigate to the Page you want to apply the altered style to
  13. Click the wrench and select Edit Style
  14. Select the News content that you want to change and Select the New style from the Style drop down on the left 
  15. Click Apply Changes and Click Confirm
Note: The Main Site Name may not be the name of your Default Site. If it is not, please select the site in which you want to change the style