1. In The Raiser's Edge select the Admin, Then select Import
2. In the Constituent section select Individual Relationship
3. Click New
4. Mark the Import new records option
5. Mark the Validate data only, Create new table entries and Automatically reciprocate relationships
6. In the What file do you wish to import? section browse out to the file that was downloaded from FTP called Relationshiplink
7. In the How do you want the system to identity existing constituents? section mark Use the Import ID
8. In the What is the format of this import file? section mark Delimited - Characters separate the field
9. On the File Layout Tab mark Comma
10. On the Fields Tab ensure all fields are mapped
11. On the Summary Tab leave everything blank since we are just validating the import first. Click Validate now
12. If there are no exceptions, go back to teh general tab and un check 'validate data'
13. On the Summary Tab: Mark the Create exception file of records not updated, browse out to where you would like to save the file and name it Relationshiplink Exceptions
14. Mark Create an output query of the records imported and Create control report
15. Click Import Now