For displaying messages in Emails and Pages
If you're using the view an email in a browser link:
  1. Locate a message in your inbox that includes the View email in web link and copy this link
  2. Insert the link, using the Other Type
For displaying messages on Pages
If the message is already sent start at 1. If the message has not be sent, start by editing the message and resume step 3. 
  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Locate the previously sent email and click the icon to copy it
  3. After the copy opens, click the View tab
  4. Click HTML code
  5. Click Ctrl + a tl select all code, then click Ctrl + c to copy all code
  6. Next, close the html source editor window
  7. Click Return
  8. Navigate to Site Explorer>Parts
  9. Click New Part
  10. Select Formatted Text and Image as the part type and enter a part name
  11. Click Next
  12. On the next page, click the View tab
  13. Click HTML code
  14. Click Ctrl + v to paste the previously copied code
  15. Click Save
From here, the part can be inserted into the desired page.