There can be several reasons for why the number of constituents in a Query and the number of recipients in Online Express are different. Below are some common scenarios in these differences:
  • The Raiser's Edge Query looks for email types that Online Express does not send to. Ensure the email types that are being queried on are the same as what is set at Account > Integration Options > Email Mapping in Online Express.

  • The Raiser's Edge Query output is showing all emails from constituents, but Online Express at Account > Integration Options > Email Mapping has "Send to ALL mapped email types for each constituent" is unmarked. Mark that box to send to all the email types specified in the email mapping settings.

  • The Raiser's Edge Query output has duplicates in the results. Remove all fields from the Output tab and then run the Query again to find a true un-duplicated count (i.e. a unique record count).

  • If an email is shared on more than one constituent record, Online Express "de-dupes" the list and emails only once to an email address. For example, say you have two spouses with their own constituent records and they have the same email on each record. If the Raiser's Edge Query found both of them, then the query would count them as 2 records in the results. However, Online Express counts email addresses mailed. It will only show 1 because it "de-duped" the email address and only sent the email once.

  • The List in Online Express was configured to send to Relationships on the constituent records found by the Query. Mailing to relationships is an option set up on the list itself in Online Express. To check a specific list's settings, go to Online Express > Email marketing > click Manage lists > find the list's name > click Edit on the far right to view its details.

  For additional information on how Online Express emails, which also affects counts, please refer to How does Online Express filter email addresses in email blasts?