If incorrect information within a contract has been processed for a Candidate, the same contract will need to be generated a second time. To accomplish this without having to refund the family, a copy of the existing contract must be created. With modifications to the Deposit Options, the family will not be required to submit an additional Deposit.

Note: If the student would be using a different contract type,  assign the new contract type to the student and generate as normal. If any Deposit amounts were paid, the deposit amounts can be changed on the individual contracts after generation.  
If this a Smart Tuition contracts, they would need a traditional onBoard Contract

1.  Create a new Contract Type 

(There can only be a single contract per school year within each Contract Type so a new contract type must be created. The existing contract would be associated with the new contract type. )

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Enrollment > Select Contracts
  3. Select Manage contract forms 
  4. Select Add Contract Type
  5. Enter the preferred Title, Category, and select the preferred Status
  6. Select Save 

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2. Copy the Original Contract & Associate it with the New Contract Type

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management  
  2. Select Manage Contract Forms 
  3. Click Copy for the appropriate contract 
  4. In the Copy Contract Form window, enter the preferred information in the required fields > Click Save:
    • New Name - Title for the copied contract
    • Type - Select the new Contract Type that was created
    • School Year - Choose the correct School Year for the contract 
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3. Adjust the Deposit Amount within the New Contract 

Note: This would allow the families to submit without paying a deposit.
  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management  
  2. Select  Manage Contract Forms
  3. Select Edit Form for the selected contract
  4. Select the Deposit tab
  5. Click Block Settings within the Deposit Options
  6. Under the Payment Gateway, select "--select an option--" to remove the current payment gateway
  7. For the Deposit Amount, change the Required Fee to $0.00
  8. Click Save

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4.  Assign the Candidate/Student the  New Contract 

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Using People Finder, search for the preferred record 
  3. Click on the Contracts tab
  4. Click Add New
  5. Choose the New Contract Type and the preferred School Year
  6. Click Save
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 5. Generate the New Contract

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management 
  2. Select manage Contract Forms
  3. Select on Edit Form for the New Contract
  4. Select Generate Contracts
  5. Verify that the Candidate is included within the generation list
  6. Click Generate 
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Note: At this point, the New Contract type will be present on the record. If the original contract was incorrect or should be removed (based on user preference), it can be removed from the record. Otherwise, it can remain on the record. 

If this is a Smart Tuition Integrated Contract, it should remain on the record.