To Generate the Contract navigate to:
  1. Enrollment Management > Enrollment > Contracts
  2. Click on Manage contract forms tab
  3. Click Edit on the Contract that is not being displayed to the user
  4. Click Generate Contracts to generate the contract for the student(s)
  5. Click Generate
Note: any users that have had special items changed such as publish/expire date, deposit amount etc in the candidate Contract record will be reverted back to the original default contract items. When Generate is clicked the valus are only changed if the Users Contract has not been Saved, Submitted, or Processed.
You will also want to check to see if the Contract is on Hold, If it is then the User will not get the Contract Banner. See Does a Contract Hold prevent a parent from submitting the contract? Follow the instructions to remove the hold status here I removed a contract from hold but it still shows as on hold

If the contract has been Generated but not displaying, verify the parent is listed as a Responsible Signer:
  1. Go to Enrollment Management > People Finder and search for the Candidate
  2. Select the candidate's Contact Card
  3. Under Relationships, click Manage relationships
  4. Mark the box for the parent(s) under Responsible Signer
  5. Click Save

Another reason the banner may not appear is that the Decision is preventing the Contract from displaying.

If you navigate to
  1. Enrollment Management > Admissions Setup> Decision Types
  2. Click the pencil icon next to on the school decision line
  3. Under Display options, you will see there is a checkbox that says "Display contract only when candidate has accepted.​" If selected this will not display the Contract to the User if they have not accepted the Decision via the Candidate Decision. You can deselect that and save the Decision Type.

If you do not want to change the settings for the Decision, the Parent can still see and access the contract by clicking their name, click Files and Forms , and click on the Contract

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