BBCS (Blackbaud Communication Services) which will replace Amazon SES for email notifications and Pushpage.

We have had great success with the Schools that are already using BBCS, as it is a more reliable sending service.

Here is a link to the Release Letter:

Under onMessage you will see Blackbaud Communication Services, this states: New schools to onMessage will automatically have BBCS installed by default for improved email delivery of pushpages and notifications. Existing schools who want to switch should contact K-12 Customer Support.

It is very important that you read all the information provided before this gets installed.  Nothing is going to change in terms of your workflow, it’s all behind the scenes changes. You will need to know how things are working behind the scenes and what you need to do to prepare before we make the switch.

Information to check out within the provided links, all the Help Files, next steps, FAQ's etc, before you let us know you would like to make the switch.

BBCS Informational:

Once you have read all the materials and documentation provided and have also reached out to your community prior to the switch, it only take a couple of minutes for the switch to BBCS (less than 5 minutes) then you can proceed with pushpage sending as usual.  

When you are ready to move forward you will send a ticket to Support letting us know you have notified your constituents and read all documentation. We will have this processed for you, and let you know when its completed. Depending on when you submit the request it may take some time to complete but once completed you will be notified.