To add a new interaction:
  1. Open the record of the constituent you would like to track communication for. 
  2. Go to the Documentation and Interactions Tab 
  3. Click the Interactions Sub-tab
  4. Under Interactions, click Add. The Add an interaction screen appears.
  5. In the Summary field, enter a short summary to help identify and describe the objective of the interaction. 
  6. In the Status field, select whether the interaction is pending, complete, declined, or canceled. 
  7. In the Owner field, search for the owner who is responsible for performing the interaction. 
  8. If your organization uses categories to identify the objective of the interaction, select the applicable categories in the Category and Subcategory fields. 
  9. In the Expected date field, select the date on which the owner expects to perform the action. If the interaction is completed, record the date in the Actual date field.
  10. In the Contact method field, select how the interaction owner contacts the constituent. For example: Phone, Email, or Meeting.
  11. If the interaction occurs at an event, select the event in the Event field. 
  12. Under Comment, enter any comments or additional information about the interaction. 
  13. If the interaction involves any additional constituents, under Participants, select the constituents involved. For example, if a constituent informs you that his wife is also interested in meeting, you could add his wife as a participant.
  14. Click Save to save your interaction. 
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