The slideshow speed is determined by the amount of seconds you place for speed in the style itself.

To change the slideshow speed in a Photo Carousel:
  1. Navigate to School Website.
  2. Select Website > Your Site.
  3. Click on Styles.
  4. Click Edit to the right of the Style you want to make the change in. If you edit this style this will affect all pages it is used on. If you only want to change it on a specific page then copy the style, make your changes, and apply the copied style to your page.
  5. In the left column click the Settings icon.
  6. Click Edit Settings.
  7. Adjust the Slideshow Speed to how many seconds you want the slideshow to stay on a single image.
  8. Adjust the Animation Speed to how long the transition from one image to the next should take.
  9. Click Save and Close/
  10. Apply the New Style (if one was created) to the Page/Content it is going to be used on. If you did not make a new style then the changes will  be reflected upon Save and Close on the page.