Though this functionality is not automatic, this can be manually accounted for by using Giving Levels. You can setup a base giving level and then a giving level that includes fees.

Example using strictly Giving Fees

Level 1 - $5 - exclude fees
Level 2 - $6 - includes fees
Level 3 - $50 - exclude fees
Level 4 - $52 - includes fees
Level 5 - $100 - excludes fees
Level 6 - $105 - includes fees

Example using Giving Fees in addition to the Other Donation Amount
This requires a combination of inputs from the donor.
  • Create Giving Level/s specifically for fees (For example, $2, $5, $7, etc)
  • Turn on Support Multiple Designations
  • Add instructions to the donation page to indicate if the donor wants to cover fees, they should choose the appropriate fee for the their Giving Level and Choose the Fund for Fees from the designations dropdown and click Add Donation, then they need to enter the desired donation amount in Other, select a fund for the donation and click Add Donation.
Example, donor chooses either a Giving Level or the “Other” box, let’s say for $50, and choose a fund for donation, and they click Add Donation. Then, they mark the giving level for Fee $2, and select the fund for the Fee, and then click Add Donation. 

How to setup Giving Levels for specific donation amounts on donation form