Package contents do not load when loading a custom package spec

When loading a custom package spec the component specs do not load. The specs will load when loaded individually. The package and specs are written correctly.
For VB.Net projects make sure that the component path does not include the folder. Specs must be added relative to the project root: projectName.SpecName.xml

C# projects are currently being built with the path included. We are addressing this issue. Component specs will need to be loaded individually from the catalog browser.

Steps to Duplicate

Create a custom catalog project in Visual Studio.
Create spec type folder structure within the project.
Add xml specs of any type to the project.
Add a Package spec and allow the system to add all specs included in the project.
Compile the catalog.
Upload the dll to a CRM instance.
Load the package spec via the catalog browser.

The package load is successful but included specs show as not loaded.

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