Recognition filter excludes event registrations

When using a recognition filter you may notice that any applications of event registration are missing.
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please Chat with Support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

In order to see event registrations listed you can edit the filter to use the option Include recognition for pledge payments even if the constituent already received recognition for the associated pledge.
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Revenue> Reporting Filters> select the Recognition Filters tab.
  2. Create a filter for events only:
    1. Mark the option to "Include recognition for pledge payments only if the constituent did not receive recognition for the associated pledge"
    2. Select credit types Donor, Hard Credit, and Soft Credit.
    3. Select save.
  3. Navigate to a constituent record> Revenue Tab> Recognition History> select the events only recognition filter from the Recognition Filter drop-down menu and click apply.
  4. Notice that any applications for Event Registration are not listed even though they have a recognition credit of soft credit, donor, or hard credit.


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