How to send an Advanced Mass Email (includes video demo)

Advanced Mass Emails offer additional features when sending emails to a large number of constituents. These features include scheduling an email to run in advance, email address de-duplication and tracking statistics through the Delivery Report.
  1. Click Communications
  2. Click Manage Communications
  3. Select the category where you have stored the template
  4. Click the Mass Email link just below the name of the template
  5. Mark the radio button for Advanced Mass Email
  6. Select your category and query name
  7. Select your preference for the grouping; please note that even if you query does not relate to journal entries, the following options will still appear
    • Create a separate email message for each Journal Entry will send one email for each Journal Entry in the query; if a recipient has more than one Journal Entry in the query, they will receive multiple emails
    • Combine all Journal Entries for an Account on a single email message will send one email per account
    • Combine all Journal Entries for a Household on a single email message will send one email per household; for more information on creating household relationships. 
  8. Select your preference for Split Transactions and Upgraded Pledges; if your query does not include or relate to Split Transactions and Upgraded Pledges, you can leave the default option selected
    • Treat each upgrade/segment as its own transaction will recognize each upgrade or segment as a transaction
    • Roll up related upgrades/segments into one transaction will recognize the entire transaction rather than focusing on the individual upgrades or segments
  9. Select your preference for which Persona(s) email addresses should be pulled from
    • The Primary Persona only will email all of the email addresses on the Primary Persona
    • All Personas on the Account will email all of the email addresses on all of the Personas listed for an account
    • All of the Personas I select will allow you to specify which Personas should be emailed and will email all of the email addresses listed on those Personas
    • One Persona, based upon the Hierarchy I select will send to all of the email addresses on a single Persona, but you can select which Personas should be pulled from first. If you specify the Business Persona first and the Personal Persona second, the database will first look for email addresses on the Business Persona, but if a constituent does not have a Business Persona, it will look at the Personal Persona.
  10. Click Next
  11. Under the heading for Basic Options, enter the name and email address for the person who should receive replies to the email
  12. Enter an email address that should receive confirmation that the Advanced Mass Email has been sent
  13. If you’d like to schedule your email to be sent at a future date or time, mark the box under the Scheduling heading. Then, select the date and time you’d like to send the email.
  14. If you have attachments for the email, upload those under the Attachments heading
  15. Click Next
  16. If you’d like to create a journal contact indicating that the email was sent, mark the box for Tracking-Journal Contacts; then, enter a Contact Subject and Contact Method
  17. If you’d like to create a Custom Account Query for those accounts in your query that do not have email addresses, mark the box for Tracking- Custom Account Query; then, select a category where the Custom Account Query should be stored and a enter a name for the query
  18. Click Next
  19. Preview the statistics for the email
  20. Click Send
Once the email has been sent, you can track the number of people who have opened the email through the Delivery Report.



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