Unresolved online sales orders can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of them may be that the patron is accessing the shopping cart from multiple browser tabs, patron connectivity issues during the transaction, that Altru is unsure of a constituent match for the order, or registration information wasn't completed, among other reasons. 

When this happens, Altru typically takes the payment for the order and place the order in Unresolved Online Sales Orders, located under the Sales tab. Users should check here regularly and any time there is a missing order within the system to see if it was placed here.

Once the user clicks the hyperlinked order number, there is a link to view the unresolved online sales order error. This error can help the user understand why the order was placed in unresolved online sales orders, and resolve the error. Once the user has resolved the error, they should click Complete to complete the order and add it to the constituent record.

Additionally, users should look in the cart of the order to see if credit card information, including card type, last 4 digits, and an authorization code, are present for the order. If so, Altru has taken the payment for the order. If not, then payment has not been taken.

Lastly, if a user cancels an unresolved online sales order where payment has already been taken, the patron's card will be refunded.