Option #1: If the donation was originally processed through a Sales Order (Daily Sales, Advance Sales, or Online Sales), you will need to process a refund and re-purchase. In order to maintain an audit trail, items purchased through sales orders cannot be changed after the sale is complete.  Here are the steps to refund the donation and purchase the membership without refunding and recharging the donors credit card:
  1. Click Sales > Order search
  2. Search for and select the order
  3. Click Refund Order in the task bar on the left User-added image
  4. Under Items to refund, make sure that the donation you need to refund is checked: User-added image
  5. To avoid refunding the credit card and needing to recharge the credit card, under payment details, click on the Refund Method drop down and select an Other payment method, such as Other, Revenue Transfer, or Exchange: User-added image
  6. Enter a reason and comments if applicable, then click Refund: User-added image
  7. After the refund is processed, you can now process a new transaction for the membership. You will need to use the same "other" payment method that you selected in Step 5 to pay for the membership: User-added image
Option #2: If the donation was entered through the back office, we will follow different steps to make the adjustment since back office donations cannot be refunded. Since memberships must be added through the Add a membership form, we are not able to change a Donation payment to be a Membership. Here are the steps to adjust: 
  1. Open the donation payment. You can use Revenue > Transaction Search or find the donation on the constituent's Revenue tab. 
  2. Choose how you would like to refund the payment. You can either reduce the payment to $0 or delete the payment. For more information about refunding back office donations, see our related solution: I need to refund a back office payment. In the example image below, we will delete the payment.User-added image Important: If the original payment was processed with a credit card and you do not want to refund the transaction and re-enter it, make note of the last four digits and authorization code on the payment. When prompted, select not to refund the credit card: User-added image
  3. Once your payment is deleted or adjusted to $0, click the Add membership button to add a membership for this constituent: User-added image
  4. Next, process the membership as usual and under How are they paying? re-enter the details from the original payment. If the original payment was a credit card, enter the last four digits and authorization code you noted in Step 2. These details will help you locate the transaction for reconciliation in your merchant services provider if needed: User-added image
  5. Click Save to complete.