Only the opt out status is available to see in NetCommunity. The actual date of the opt out is not recorded.

To view recipients that have opted out of email through NetCommunity

Note: In NetCommunity 7.1 Email Messages, the Details Export will show users who are previously opted out and who opted out from that specific message. You could do process of elimination to determine who may have opted out, but this isn't an exact reporting measure.

Additionally, in 7.1, you can view the links a recipient clicked on. If the user only clicked the Email Preferences Page link and unsubscribed, you can use this as an approximate date of unsubscribe. Again, this is not an exact measure, only approximate. Note: if the user navigated away from the Email Preferences page after clicking the link, the page they ultimately resolved to will be shown, and not the email preferences page. This will not show the date, but you know it would be after the date the email was sent.

To review specific recipients:
  1. Navigate to Email>Messages
  2. Click the graph of the message you want to view
  3. Click the Clicks link in the honeycomb
  4. From here, you can spot check or export to review users who clicked the Email Preferences link