User Defined Fields created by AddressFinder (NCOA) Service

When we run the  AddressFinder (NCOA) Service in eTapestry, the service compares the addresses in your database to the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. Once the NCOA is complete, each account in the query will be assigned one of four User Defined Fields that indicate the results of the Address Finder service. The values in this field are used to maintain the integrity of your address data and mailing lists.
The AddressFinder (NCOA) Service will create and then mark the User Defined Field: Persona- AddressFinder (NCOA Codes), as follows:
  1. Move Identified, Address Updated - When this value is marked, it means that the Address Finder service recognized a new address for the account name and updated this information on the Personas page for this account.
  2. Move Identified, Address Cannot Be Updated - This value indicates that the USPS can verify the party has changed addresses, but does not have new address information.
  3. Address Standardized - This value is marked to indicate that the address fields were updated to match USPS standards for syntax and abbreviations.
  4. Invalid Address - This indicates that the address information for this account is Invalid, and mail should not be sent to it. This may be because one of the fields in the address is incorrect (for example, the Postal Code was incorrectly entered into the database) or because the address does not match the name on the account.
These codes are refreshed each time AddressFinder is run so that the personas processed are coded with the most up to date information. For example, if you updated a persona that came back as Invalid Address but did not remove the code from the persona, the next time you run AddressFinder, we will clear out the Invalid Address code on that persona before we get the new data back and place an updated code (or no code if there are no changes needed) as long as that persona was included in the query selected when AddressFinder was scheduled. However, we would still recommend clearing the Invalid Address code and updating the Mailing Status (Defined Field) when updating an address in case your query is set up to exclude accounts with an invalid/bad address.

Please refer to What should I do with addresses marked Invalid by the Address Finder (NCOA)? for information about how to handle Invalid addresses.



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