Below is the expected frequency refresh rate for each specific data type

Real-time refresh
  • Constituent information - biographical information, contact information, addresses, ratings, custom fields, solicit codes, notes, actions, proposals, relationships, volunteer, membership, event, and honor memorial
  • Action Lists - new or edited actions information 
  • Opportunity Lists - new or edited opportunity information 
5 minute refresh
  • Security changes - user security access added, changed or removed

30 minute refresh 
  • Fundraiser assignments - new fundraisers (solicitors), and new fundraiser assignments
  • Gift Lists -  gift information 
  • Giving - calculations showing on the Giving on Constituent Records
  • Receipt Manager - gifts showing on the list of gifts that need to be receipted
    • *Note* this feature is in an Early Adopter Program and not available to most users yet
  •  Constituent Lists - fundraiser and gift information
  • Work Center - fundraiser and gift information

60 minute refresh
  •  Attachments - media added or edit through the database view

2-4 hour refresh
  • Dashboards/Insights - all pre-configured or custom built dashboards and insights

Nightly refresh
  • Tags - constituent records
  • Needs attention - Carousel cards under fundraising section
  • Benchmarking dashboard -  compares your organization to others