My export is exporting out of order, when exporting registrant information.

After building and exporting registrant information, you may notice that for some of the rows in the spreadsheet that the Questions and Answers are out of order. 
The registrant's questions and answers are out of order because those constituents registered for the event online. However, we can prevent them from outputting out of order by editing the export definitions:

Sort by Question:
  1. ​From Administration, Select Export Definitions
  2. Select Add, Choose Registrants 
  3. On the left, select Registration Information
  4. In the middle, move Question to Selected Fields
  5. In the Export Criteria window
    1. Set this equal to the number of questions you have for your event
    2. Set to Order by: Question and mark to sort in Ascending order
    3. Save
  6. In the middle, move Response to Selected Fields
  7. Add any additional fields you would like to see in the export
  8. Click Save

If you results are still exporting out of order we may need to set specific criteria for each question response. We can reference this Knowledgebase Solution to walk through this process: I need a list of all registrants with required registration questions and answers

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Select the Analysis tab, then click Information Library.
  2. Select Add an ad-hoc query, Choose the Source View of Registrants
  3. On the left select Program Event
  4. In the middle move Event Record to Include records where and set Equal to your pre-registered event 
  5. On the set save options tab, Mark the box Create a Selection, name your query, Save and Close
  6. Navigate to the Administration tab, Select Export Definitions
  7. Select add, Choose Registrants
  8. On the left, select Registration information
  9. In the middle, select Question and move to Selected Fields
  10. In the Export Criteria window, set this number equal to how many questions/answers you have for your event. Click OK
  11. In the middle, select Answer and move to Selected Fields
  12. Save
  13. From the Administration Tab, Select Export
  14. Select Add
  15. Name your export, and select the export type to be "export definition"
  16. Now add the export definition and selection you created above to their respective fields 
  17. Click Save
  18. Click the arrow to the left of your export, Start Process
  19. Download the output
  20. Notice that some of your registrant's registrant information are out of order compared to other rows in the spreadsheet. 


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