1. Click Communications
  2. Click the category that your template is stored in
  3. Click Mass Email under the name of the template
  4. Select Advanced Mass Email
  5. Select the Query category and Query that you want use for this mass email
  6. Select how you would like these emails to be grouped, and what persona you would like these emails to be sent to
  7. Click Next for Step 2
  8. Enter the email address for whom should the email be sent from
  9. Select Would you like to schedule this email to be sent at a later date and time
  10. Select the Date and Time
  11. Click Next for Step 3
  12. Select whether you would like a Journal Contact to be created
  13. Click Next to Preview
  14. Click Next to Run
  15. You can check on the status to verify this email was scheduled for a later date and time by going to Reports > eTapestry Standard Reports > Delivery Report > You should see your email with the date and time it is to be scheduled
 You can also find detailed steps on how to send an Advanced Mass Email