When the donor submits their Recurring Gift on the Online Donation page, the database creates two entries, one for the Recurring Gift Schedule and one for the first Recurring Gift. The Recurring Gift Schedule stores the Frequency, First Installment Date, and Installment Amount. The Recurring Gift entry stores the Received Amount, but does not store information about the Frequency, First Installment Date, or Installment Amount. The confirmation email that the donor receives is based on the information in the Recurring Gift entry. For this reason, we cannot include the Frequency, First Installment Date, or Installment Amount on the confirmation email template.

  However, we can manually generate a letter from the Recurring Gift Schedule that includes the Frequency, Installment Amount, and First Installment Date. The steps to send the letter from a journal entry are available at How do I send an email from a Journal Entry?.

  Please note that the email your organization receives in response to the online donation will include the Frequency if the donor opts for a Recurring Gift.