Event Pre-Sales settings are only available in online sales
  1. Log in to Altru
  2. Click Tickets > Program Search
  3. Open Program 
  4. Click On-Sale tab of Program 
  5. Click Arrow for Online Sales 
  6. Click Edit 
  7. Choose an option other than immediately for the On-Sale period to begin. Enter when the on-sale period should begin. 
  8. Mark the checkbox for Allow members to buy tickets in Advance
  9. Enter the membership program, level, and tickets available per transaction
  10. Enter when the pre-sale period begins
  11. Click Save 
  12. Enter the number of pre-sale tickets available.
    1. ​In a Program: 
      1. Click the On-Sale tab in the Program record
      2. ​​Click Edit for the Pre-Sale tickets option
      3. Enter tickets available 
      4. Click Save
    2. In an Event: 
      1. Click the Event List tab in the Program record
      2. Click the Arrow for the event
      3. Click Edit 
      4. Click the Pre-Sale tab 
      5. Enter tickets available
      6. Click Save