Altru offers a limited number of KPIs available. These KPIs can be created through the Analysis > Information Library. 
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library 
  2. Click the KPIs tab 
  3. Click Add to add a new KPI
  4. In the next window, you will choose what type of KPI you would like to create. Here are the most commonly used KPIs for Altru: 
    1. Under Fundraising:
      1. ​​​Total Revenue Count for a Designation/Appeal, will give you the total number of gifts associated with a particular designation or appeal record. 
      2. Total Revenue for a Designation/Appeal, will give you the total amount of gifts associated with a particular designation or appeal record. 
      3. Total Raised Towards a Designation Goal will give you the total raised and percentage to goal for a specific designation in your designation hierarchy. A goal must be set for that designation in the fundraising hierarchy for this to return results. 
    2. Under Marketing, you can create KPIs to return details like average gift amount, cost per dollar raised, number of responses, response rate, and return on investment for an appeal mailing. Read more about Marketing KPIs hereNote: Marketing KPIs will only include back office revenue that is tied to an appeal and a marketing effort. 
    3. Under Membership, the ​Membership Retention Rate will show you the retention rate for a selected membership program or level as compared to a retention rate goal you specify in the KPI. 
    4. Under Tickets, the Daily Attendance KPI will show you the number of tickets sold from specific program categories or program selections in a date range you specify. You can set up a goal for daily attendance to compare this number to. Note: Tickets that have been cancelled and refunded are still included in these totals. 
  5. On the General Tab, give your KPI a name and description if needed.
  6. On the Criteria Tab, specify the parameters of your KPI. 
  7. On the Preview Tab, you can preview the results as of a specific date. 
  8. On the Goal Tab, you can set an overall goal, a good target for your goal, and a satisfactory target. You can also set smaller milestone goals as well. Note: The goal for the Total Raised Toward a Designation Goal KPI is specified on the Fundraising Hierarchy. To view or change the goal, you can go to Fundraising > Fundraising Hierarchy and set a goal from the designation record. The goal for the Marketing KPI's are taken from what is entered on the Appeal Mailing record under Calculate Revenue at the time of the appeal mailing's activation. 
  9. Click Save to save the KPI
  10. Click Start Process to generate values for your KPI.
  11. To have the KPI process automatically, you can add a Job Schedule on the Job Schedules Tab.