In order to create a KPI Dashboard, you will first need to create and process KPIs in Altru. For more information on what types of KPIs can be created,view our related solution here: What are KPIs in Altru?

Once you have KPIs created, you can access the KPI Dashboard through Analysis > KPI Dashboard. By default, the dashboard will show you the KPIs that have been processed most recently.
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You can further customize the KPI Dashboard to include different page views and different tabs. For example, you could create a fundraising page with different tabs for mailing-related KPIs or different designations.

Important: When you customize your KPI Dashboard, this is only visible to your user account only. This allows each user can have their own customized KPI Dashboard. 

To customize the KPI Dashboard this way, follow these steps: 

  1. In the KPI Dashboard area, click Customize dashboard: 
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  2. In the top left, in the Page drop down, click the plus sign to add a new page. For example: Fundraising or Membership.User-added image
  3. Once a new page is added, Altru will automatically add a New Tab. To the right of the Tab drop down, click the pencil to edit this name. You can also add new tabs using the plus sign icon. 
  4. To add KPIs to the page and the tabs, expand the folders to the left and highlight the KPI you would like to display. Click the blue arrows to move the KPI to the right. 
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  5. Repeat these steps to create custom pages and tabs with the KPIs you would like to see, then click save. 
  6. Your finished result should look similar to the picture below. You can change the Page in the Page drop down and you can click through the Tabs to view different groupings of KPIs:
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