Currently, there is not a way to report on rescheduled tickets.  We have an idea in our community for this feature.

In the meantime, you can create a Note Type of Reschedule and add a note to every sales order you reschedule.  Then you can query on orders with the note type of Reschedule.

Add the Note Type of Reschedule:
(Note: This requires the Code Table system role)
  1. Go to Administration > Code Tables.
  2. Filter on the Category of Ticketing and click Apply.
  3. Click on Sales Order Note Type.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Enter Reschedule into the Description and click Ok.
Add Reschedule Note to any sales orders you reschedule:
  1. On the order, click the Documentation tab.
  2. Click Add > Note.
  3. Select the Type of Reschedule in the dropdown.
  4. In the Notes section, add details about how many tickets and which tickets were rescheduled, as this note will apply to the whole order and not specific tickets in the order.
  5. Click Save.
Report on Tickets that were rescheduled:
  1. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  Click Add an ad-hoc query.  Select the source view of Sales Order and click Ok.
  2. On the left column, click Notes.
  3. In the middle, click Type and move to Include Records Where.  Set the criteria to equal to Reschedule.
  4. In the middle, click Notes and move to Results Fields to Display.
  5. Move any other details you want to see about the order to Results Fields to Display.
  6. Go to the Set Save Options tab.  Name and save your query.