Question Mark (?): we can use the question mark symbol when you are not sure of the exact spelling of a last name. For example, if you aren't sure if the donor's last name is Smith or Smyth, you can type "Sm?th" to return results for both Smith and Smyth. The question mark can only be used to replace a single character

Asterisk (*): we'll use an asterisk when we'd like to replace a series of characters. For example, we could search "Sm*" to search for Smith, Smyth, Smythe, and any other names that start with "Sm" no matter how many letters follow.

Brackets: while the bracket search will not work in a query, we can use brackets to search for a range of names in the Accounts> Find an Account screen. For example, we can fill in "[A-C] to search for any name that starts with an A, B, or C. However, we will see results for any part of the name that starts with the letters in the bracket, including the first name, middle name, last name, or account name.