Step 1: Create the Promotion
  1. From the navigation menu select Membership
  2. Click Membership Promotions
  3. Click Add
  4. In the Add a Membership Promotion Screen enter the following:
    1. Name
    2. Description
    3. Application Type - Manually or With Code
      • If you select With code, a grid appears to enter the promotion code and the dates the code is valid. If you do not select any dates, the code is always valid and can be used on all membership levels in all annual dues based memberships.
    4. Promotion Type - Discount or Term Extension
      • If you select Discount, select whether the discount should be calculated as a dollar amount off of the price of the membership, or a percentage. Then enter the dollar amount or percentage. The value of a membership promotion cannot exceed $999.
      • If you select Term extension, enter the number of months by which to extend the membership term
    5. Mark "Restrict this promotion to automatically renewing membership programs" if you want the membership promotion to only apply to memberships that allow automatic renewal
      1. If this feature is selected the discount will only apply to the first payment of the membership. All future payments would be applied at the regular rate
  5. Click Save
Step 2: If the discount applies Manually associate the Promotion with your Membership Program
  1. From Memberships, select the Membership Program
  2. On the Rules tab, click Edit
  3. In the Promotions section, mark which promotions apply
  4. Click Save